Monday, November 1, 2010

Vote "YES" on Prop 19

I know, I am asking you to vote right after writing that you don't have to. And that's true, but if you are a Californian voter I highly encourage you to vote "yes" on Prop 19, which would legalize the selling and possession of limited amounts of marijuana, even if you aren't voting for any politicians.

Prop 19 won't turn California into a pothead haven (anymore than it already is, ha!), but will allow the state to tax marijuana and regulate its distribution. I don't know why that even needs explanation. Police will be able to spend more time pursuing rapists, murderers, thieves and sellers of actually dangerous narcotics, such as meth. California prisons will likely suffer less form overcrowding, as second- and third-time offenders guilty of possession will no longer take up space.* California will make money from taxes. People who didn't smoke pot before will not automatically take up the habit. Cigarettes are legal but millions manage to avoid those. Marijuana will be controlled like alcohol, so you won't be going to work in a haze of glory without risking termination and middle school kids won't be raiding vending machines for Doritos.

Legalized cannabis just makes sense. Vote "YES" on Prop 19.

*- I would love to give you statistics, which I know are readily available, but Kuwait censors the internet and my searches have been "access denied" because of "content categorization: illegal drugs".

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