Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vote! . . . Or Don't

For those in the States, midterm elections are on Tuesday, so this is my public service announcement to all eligible and registered to vote. Or not, if you so choose.

It doesn't seem right to encourage others to vote when I am no, due to technical reasons (where I am even registered at this point? Is that state voting?) and personal: in 2004 I voted for the best of a bad situation and refuse to do so again. The campaign finance system is more corrupt than ever, lobbyists hold more sway than ever, and politicians can't agree on how to make America move forward. They just know they hate each other.

So vote if you believe your chosen candidates will be effective or if there are referendums on the ballot that you feel are important; otherwise, don't. "Not voting" also counts as practicing democracy.

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