Thursday, November 4, 2010

Back to Basics

US midterms are over and newspapers & magazines are full of thoughtful commentary on the future of our political parties,what we can expect from now until 2012, what Obama should do, etc., etc, so it's time for me to return to something I know about: Africa. Well, central Africa, at least. I am far behind on what's happening in the States and most days spend my time trying to stay no more than a day behind on the current events there. I am certainly not qualified to write opinions about it. Not that I am a great Africanist, but I do feel more comfortable within that area of knowledge.

Which means it's time to turn to another upcoming election: Uganda's presidential election in January 2011. I wish, badly, that I would be in country that month but it is not to be. Nevertheless, I will be sure to keep you (and me) well informed of this occasion. Will the FDC defeat the ruling NRM? If Museveni is defeated will he quietly abdicate? Is it possible he could be fairly defeated? My friends there tell me if the election is truly fair then the FDC will take power, but being honest and pragmatic Ugandans they are not holding their breath. We shall see.

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