Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Return, with Chicken Heads

This is one pissed off chicken.

Wow, the length of time I've been away would suggest I've been incredibly busy and productive elsewhere, but really I've just been focused on the wedding. Which is odd in itself considering this wedding will probably be one of the most low-key affairs ever seen, at least here in Uganda. I suppose it's more accurate to write: I am anxiously awaiting Seth's arrival.

Nevertheless I have managed to add new skills to my repertoire: I slaughtered two chickens. Yep, slaughtered.

Let me tell you, it's much more difficult than I thought. There's the whole "cutting the head off" bit, but also the time leading up to the act. I was so excited at first - buying the hens and all - but when the time came my heart was pumping itself into my throat.

The first one (the white lady pictured) had quite a bit of fight to her, so along with struggling she began to shriek as I cut, which caused me to shriek and and drop the knife after only cutting halfway - one of the spectators had to finish the job. We then just threw the body in the pot - no need to get blood all over the ground! I thought - and discovered that chickens do run around like they've had their heads cut off - when they've actually had their heads cut off. It was quite horrible, really: at one point the thing actually got on it's feet and did a mad sort of scramble forward. You can tell how shocked we all were by the lack of pictures.

The second one was no worries, the head coming off without time for the hen to even realize it. I've got it now. I think my parents would be so proud to know that the suburbs didn't completely spoil their child.

Yes, the ladies were delicious.

Now to work on a goat . . . .