Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ta-Tas and Handbags

Last night I was browsing my Facebook page in my phone and did something I now regret: I deleted message about "saving the ta-tas" by posting about handbags. I regret this late-night decision because I wish I could provide the entire message for you, but I am sure plenty of other people have already received it or will soon.

I remember enough, though. Have you been wondering about recent status updates? "I like it on the couch." "I like in my car." "I like it on my dresser." Oooo, naughty - except that these people (women) are referring to where they normally have their handbags or purses. Gotcha! And why are women jumping onto this bandwagon? Remember last year, when women were randomly posting colors in their status updates and it turned out it was the color of their bras? All to raise awareness for breast cancer, of course. Well, this year it's all about handbags to raise awareness for, er, Coach?

Haha, no, really, I can only assume it is also to raise breast cancer awareness, because of the "save the ta-tas" reference. Oh, and to make news: "We made news last year with the bra color updates, so let's see if we can do it again! (paraphrased)"

And now you know. I have been casually trying to figure out how purse placement is related to breast cancer, other than both involve women, while ignoring the feeling that "save the ta-tas!" sounds like a rallying cry to protect strippers. Thoughts?

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