Saturday, October 31, 2009

Do you sporcle? 50% geography, 50% spelling, 100% fun!

Because you should. One of my current volunteers, Mike, introduced me to this awesomeness a couple of weeks ago. You, too, can waste time yet exercise your mind with such amazing quizzes as "Name All Island Nations" or "Variants of the Name 'John' Around the World." Of course there are more, such thought-provoking, some ridiculously stupid, others which leave in the terrifying grips of "Damn it, I can feel the answer!" - like me, above. Like when you spend 5 minutes trying to remember the names of the two crotchety old men from the Muppets, only to remember them and then have that knowledge melt away with sleep. Oh, but wait, then it pops in again.

Why go out when you can spend several hours on quizzes? And don't think this is just a one-person deal. There have been 4 of use crowded around a computer at a time, trying to remember everything mentioned in Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire". Can you imagine, Foxy by Nature, how awesome game nights would be with dueling groups going at quizzes?

Oh, and there are plenty of sports-related quizzes for those of you so inclin
ed, like the Pittsburgher already mentioned.

Try it out. Try it with a friend. Why waste time of Facebook quizzes that tell you if you are, really, a potato, when you can try and guess, in four minutes, all the countries in the world that are spelled with alternating consonants and vowels (like Canada)?

That's what I thought.

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