Thursday, October 29, 2009

Did you know people in other parts of the world don't eat peanut butter & jelly sandwiches?

It's true - many have never even considered putting the two together. Can you believe it? I couldn't when confronted with this astounding truth. I mean, I know PB&J is pretty standard American fare but come on: never imagined the two together? To never have heard of such deliciousness? I mean, England and Australia, even. Amazing.

So I went from two posts in one week to no posts for over a month - score! Now we have broadband where I am living and live is sweet. The job is going well though has become insanely busy: I didn't have a day off for over two weeks and after a mini-break to Kampala for a haircut and pedicure, probably won't have any until sometime late November. Fair enough, though - I will be away for a month in December so might as well work now. What would I do otherwise, anyway? Well, I could travel to a few nearby l
ocations, but I find it's best to just stay busy. No idle hands here.

I am pretty sure I got worms from the fish (or something) I ate over the independence weekend (October 10-11). At least, for several days afterward I had constant runny poop and it felt like someone was stabbing me in the gut every 30 minutes or so. Plus, I took a de-worming tablet and that made the stabbing feeling go away, so it seems like it killed something. Nevertheless, the squishy stomach feeling has yet to go.

I am not taking malaria medication but, since it is often freezing here (well, like 50s or 60s) and I have been bitten all of zero times in Kabale or Bunyonyi, I haven't been worried about it. The quick, humid and fucking hot trip to Kampala and the equator reminded me that sometimes I should worry;
more to the point, the 20 or so bites along my ankles, legs and even up to ass and crotch area have reminded me. Hmmm. Here's hoping!

I thought of Thanksgiving the other day; damn, I love that holiday. And again I will in UG for it. The day of T-giving is also the nursery school graduation, but afterwards I will cook a dinner at the lake. Buy a chicken (or two), slaughter it, drink some potentially bad wine; fuck it, Seth will be here so it will be fun. My sister and I have agreed to photo document our Thanksgivings so that will be fun to compare.

Did this post sound like a teenager's journal entry? Obviously I just trying to let my 5 faithful readers know that, yes, I still think at time; unfortunately the depth of my thoughts vary.

By the way, Ankole cows have fucking huge horns. No, Seth, I don't care that the Texas longhorm has the longest recorded horns - these horns are still f-ing big. This is why I don't near the 3 cows that Smiles owns.

That PB&J thing really gets me, though. I ate three in row just to calm myself down/


  1. Hey! I commented on this post. Where's my comment? I demand to see my comment!

  2. Evil blogspot. I imagine your comment was witty, though.