Sunday, February 13, 2011

Countdown to Uganda's Elections

Ugandans head to the polls on the 18th to elect the next president, though I use the word "next" loosely: Museveni will likely win and remain in power for another five years. However, Museveni's main opposition, Kiiza Besigye, has warned that he will "support a popular protest against an illegitimate decision of the election," noting that the police do not have the power to "prevent a protest like the ones in Tunisia and Egypt."

Strong words, but despite possible election rigging and harassment of opposition parties, I doubt Ugandans will rise up in revolution if Museveni remains in office, despite Besigye's claim of supporting "a popular protest against an illegitimate decision of the election." Uganda does not have the fear, uncertainty and harassment which led citizens to revolt in Tunisia, Yemen and Egypt. Museveni may be a dictator, but he is seen as the lesser of many evils and following elections, the status quo will remain the same.

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