Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Coping with (Physical) Pain

On Saturday I got a new tattoo, adding to the tribal piece I already had beneath my belly button. It hurt. Agonizing. Horrendous. I had thought the piece on top of my foot was as painful as it could get, but boy, was I wrong.

Oh god, it's not finished yet?!

Or was I? It's now Tuesday and while I remember thinking that the tattooing process was painful and recall the experience as painful, I have no physical recollection of that pain. I can close my eyes and and imagine myself getting worked on, but I can't focus on the actual feeling. So maybe my foot tattoo was the most painful - I remember describing it as such. Then again, I have a feeling I described my first stomach tattoo the same way. I know my first tattoo felt like "burning knives being dragged through my skin" (my words), but at this point I am not even sure what that means - especially since I had that one redone and it felt like nothing. And now this new work. How remarkable is the human body that it can so easily remove pain? And no wonder I am already dreaming up new additions to this latest piece, if agony is an experience I can't even remember.

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