Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh, Uganda (3)

Pooing. Out and out (quite literally) pooing. This isn't Uganda so much as it's Kabale. Kabale just hates me. I've gotten worms twice since I came last year. One of those times was visiting Sipi Falls with Seth and we had to pay for a private taxi to get back to Kampala, just so he would stop the every thirty minutes or so I needed to poo. And some of the places I had to use made me so ashamed - me! - I tried to hide my face from the flies buzzing around.

I'll even admit this to you: I've actually shit myself. What? Worms are hell.

Though there are many things I will miss about Uganda, lack of solid poo is not one of them. It's not only worms; maybe I don't boil my drinking water long enough? Regardless, shit sucks.