Saturday, September 19, 2009

Settling In

I could take the time to write an incredibly detailed account of the happenings in Kabale thus far but considering the town is recovering from it's recent 28-hour power outage I think short and sweet is best!
My life is busy busy, trying to clean up financial chaos left for me by the previous Smiles Manager and having to rethink my workshop concepts because, unlike I was led to believe , even up to P5 students can't speak a complete sentence in English, much less understand it. P5! Luckily it's a slow time with few volunteers so I have time enough to learn and (hopefully) fix everything.
Seth is popping in for 2 days next week and that will be awesome, but until then I just work and jump in the lake when I have time. Plus I've had a cold since getting here - lame!
Enjoy the few photos - will upload more later on.

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